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Hey Everybody,

          Thanks for taking a gander at my site. You may want to know how I arrived at my books.

          With HOME AWAY FROM HOME, people often asked me where I came from and what it was like.  After telling people about some of my experiences, I decided to put my memories down on paper.

          With THE BENEFITS OF NEUTRAL THINKING, I noticed that today’s society can sometimes swing to the extremes, neglecting a ponderous place in between where the neutral nook can yield many benefits.  Subsequently, I put pen to paper again and arrived at this book.

          With VENGEANCE IN THE AIR, I had accumulated a lot of experiences and observations during my flight career that spanned two decades.  I wove them into a story, and to make it a little more captivating, I made a ghost story out of it.

          There you have it.  Feel free to browse at your leisure, and I hope you’ll find my books a good read.

Yers Trooly,

N. Dao

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