Hi Everyone,

You might be wondering how I arrived at my books:  HOME AWAY FROM HOME --- AIR OF VENGEANCE ---  COME BACK TO ME --- and THE BENEFITS OF NEUTRAL THINKING.

With “Home,” it was because I’m often asked about where I was born and where I grew up.  When I tell people I was born in Vietnam and grew up in Kansas, they typically register a reaction of surprise and ask me how that happened and what it was like?  After repeatedly recounting my experiences to people, I decided to put those experiences down in a book.

For “Air Of Vengeance,” after working many years as a flight attendant, I couldn’t help but come up with an idea for a book.  To make it interesting, I decided to make it suspenseful and ghostly while peppering it with a few on-the-job observations of my own.

For "Come Back," I just wanted to memorialize the town where I grew up - Coffeyville, Kansas - and thought it would make a good setting for a book about Past Life Regression.

The most recent book came to me when I noticed how our modern society can sometimes go to the extremes and disregard a benefit that's somewhere in the middle, somewhere in the neutral territory, prompting me to arrive at "The Benefits Of Neutral Thinking."

There you have it.  I hope you’ll take a gander at my books and find them a good read.

Best Regards,




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