The Benefits Of Neutral Thinking

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            Somewhere between good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative – is the nuance of being neutral.

            Did the company you work for merge with another company?  Has the merger made you roil with so much rancor that you just want to quit immediately?  Find a neutral zone so you don’t do anything rash and lose out on a large monetary buyout.

            There’s a menacing mob outside your front door, behaving in such a threatening way that you’re not sure what to do.  It’s a good thing someone in your group has maintained a neutral frame of mind and knows how to respond properly.

            Are you a fence sitter on a questionable subject, taking your time before you commit?  You deserve to be commended for being guarded and neutral because you’re making the most of the adage that says:  “Look before you leap.”

            When you find yourself in a predicament, don’t immediately dive into the deep end and immerse yourself in the extremes.  Explore the neutral area and discover The Benefits Of Neutral Thinking.

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