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flight“Riveting!” — The Midwest Book Review

 ”The Flight Attendant is rich in ghostly appearances and other gristly events of both the supernatural and earthly kind. These type of events are bone chilling when they occur on solid ground – imagine being in the confines of an airplane as a passenger. The scene is Rising Airways flight 636 from LAX en route across the country. An organized covert crime takes place – with unexpected results hinged on a ghostly revenge! Author Nick Dao draws from his years of experience as …you guessed it… a flight attendant creating an engaging tale which grips the reader from start to finish!” —

 “A must-read ghost story that’s hard to put down!” — Patricia Austin (excerpt from a reader’s review on

 [The Flight Attendant] was a very interesting and riveting story.  The characters were very well developed, interesting and believable.  I just hope that there are no real people as brutal and unforgiving as Mr. Dao’s villains.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book with all its twists and turns, and ghosts and specially talented people. A very good read!!! — Francia B. (excerpt from a reader’s review on

This was some seriously good stuff, just too much of it crammed into one book. — Patricia C. (excerpt from a reader’s review on

Bleh.  The story was kind of horrible.  I didn't finish it.  —  Meagan (excerpt from a reader’s review on - - - [Oh well, you can't win 'em all.]

A page turner.  I really enjoyed reading this book even though I'm not one to pick ghost
stories . . .  I enjoyed learning about each characters as the story went on . . . and
could barely put the book down.  —  Nat P.  (excerpt from a reader’s review on